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Import vocabulary lists

You might be interested in these ready-to-use lists!

You can import lists of vocabulary conforming to format specifications here.
If you want to insert large numbers of terms e.g. from our Vocab-Wiki or from other users or from a list you made when you could not access Hirntrichter.de

Duplicates (having the same language, definition and term) won't be inserted, the existing ones are kept. The duplicates will be listed, so that you can choose to edit in the administration, if you want to add additional info.

Two different formats are currently supported:

"language"; "semantic field"; "known"; "unknown"; "hint"; "stage"; "mistakes"; "time"; "creation date";""

This format contains all information and can be used for backups, account transfers or other purposes, where you'd like to save all info. If values are missing, language will be set to DEFAULT; semantic field and hint are left empty; stage, mistakes and time will be zeroed. The date of addition becomes the current day. Known & Unknown are mandatory, if either is missing, the term won't be added.

Known; Unknown; Hint

This format is useful because it is human-friendly and readable. Use it if you have compiled lists while you didn't have access to Hirntrichter.de or if you have vocabulary lists in tabular format.
Stage, mistakes and time will be zeroed, the date of addition becomes the current day.
Semicola and line breaks must no be used except for separating terms.
The hint and the semantic field are optional.
If you've got terms of multiple languages in one list, please separate them prior to importing them or change them in the administration afterwards.

(These are only needed for format 2)